Laura Wade's Alice, puts a darker contemporary spin on the classic tale. Set in modern-day Sheffield, Alice is an angsty 12 year old, distraught over the death of her older brother. To capture the sudden transitions and myriad of Wonderland settings, I devised a simple set to support a series of vibrant projections. To avoid appearing flat, an array of different windows were added to open the up space to various layouts.


Alice 2017, Arts University Bournemouth Set & Projection Design 

Director - Luke Kernaghan   

Costume Design - Hannah Bruce        

Scenic Coordinator - Phoebe Thorn     

Scenic Artists - Daisy Whittle, Katherine Gibbs

ALICE final storyboard.png


Theoretical costume designs to accompany my set pitch (above, seleced) for the 2017 AUB production of Laura Wade's Alice. The designs illustrate wonderland as the outburst of emotions Alice attempts to navigate while grieving her brother's loss. Each character's classic design elements spill, bubble, or split out of the seams in an uncontrollable fashion to emphasise the world's emotional turmoil. Texture heavy costumes were designed to contrast the sleek, projected set.