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In a Sentimental Mood

Costume designs and final costumes, co-designed with Scott Hazell, for the AUB 2018 Grad Film, In a Sentimental Mood, directed by Vladimir Krasilnikov. The film follows Frank, a hopeless writer who stumbles into a surreal cinema hosting a myriad of characters equally lost in their own lives. Initial sketches, final renderings, final costumes on mannequins, and final costumes on actors.

Frank, the gloomy protagonist, played by Richard Sherwood. Far right image credit: Jamie Kamaz.

Mona, the artist with a vintage flair, played by Mona Al-Habib. Far right image credit: Lauren Faulkner.  

Gerard, the charismatic cinema usher, played by Paul Hellard. Far right image credit: Jamie Kamaz.

Muriel, the theatre cleaning lady and chronic dreamer, played by Sandra Constable. Far right image credit: Lauren Debeuckelaere.

Behind the scenes photos from the set, taken by Jamie Kamaz (unless otherwise credited).

Top Left: Frank


Top Centre + Right: Supporting artists portraying the cinema audience- drawn to the timeless screening room from different eras and backgrounds.


Bottom Left: Frank and Gerard


Bottom Right:  Fixing Frank's collar before a scene with Olive (Photo Credit: Harry Hughes)

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