Frank, a despondent writer, stumbles into a surreal cinema occupied by a myriad of peculiar characters. An alluring artist, a charismatic ticket usher, and a hopelessly romantic cleaning lady impart their advice whilst he battles troubling memories from the past. 

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In a Sentimental Mood  2018, Costume Co-Design and Supervision 

Director - Vladimir Krasilnikov       

 Producer - Linda Dorigo   

Production Design - Richard Wooller & Lauren Debeuckelaere 

Director of Photography - Anastasiya Cherkasyuk 

Co-Costume Design - Scott Hazell 

Staring: Richard Sherwood, Mona Al-Habib, Paul Hellard, Sandra Constable 



After the loss of her mother, a Japanese teenager struggling with remorse encounters a mysterious entity near her isolated forest home.

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Seeds of Memory 2017, Costume Design and Supervision 

Director - Keng-u Lao 

Producer - Linda Dorigo 

Production Designer - Carina Kill 

DoP - Anastasiya Cherkasyuk 

Costume Assistant Dina Bouchere

Starring: Shin Yan K, Chunmai Zhang, Kacper Jaszcz

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