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Costume Designs: Alice

AUB Costume and Performance Design spring second-year project (2017). Costume designs for 8 characters, pitched alongside a set design for Laura Wade's Alice, with initial sketches and design process. 


Laura Wade's Alice, brings the classic story into modern day. Set in Sheffield in 2009, Alice is angsty 12 year old, distraught over the death of her older brother. These designs illustrate wonderland as the outburst of emotions she is struggling to cope with. Visually all of the characters have symbolic elements of their character spilling, bubbling, or splitting out of them in an uncontrollable fashion. Texture heavy costumes were designed to contrast the sleek, digital set design for the production– which was selected to be realised for the 2017 AUB production of Alice, images and sketches can be found by here.

Sketches and Pre-Production work

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